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The OPTOCRAFT company specializes in designing and manufacturing analyzer wavefront and bench analysis of wavefront using the technique of Shack-Hartmann.

The idea is to decompose a wave front in elementary wavefront and determine their respective policies

The extent of these guidelines can reconstruct the shape of the wavefront. Indeed, the extent of these movements, called "local slopes", is a measure of the derivative of the wavefront. The integral of this measure can thus trace the shape of the wavefront.

Once the wavefront known, it can be decomposed in aberrations known and listed by Zernike polynomials. From what this decomposition, it is possible to calculate the MTF (Modulation Transfer Function ), the PSF (spot focus), the report Sthrel, M ² ...

The OPTOCRAFT company develops and manufactures a wide range of analyzers wavefront from the UV to near infrared.

Products developed by the company OPTOCRAFT are reliable, accurate and easy to use.

Benefits analyzers wavefront SHSLab:

- An extremely high dynamic: Using a specific algorithm, sensors SHSLab capable of performing the analysis of wavefronts extremely curved. This increases significantly the application range of our analyzers wavefront. The measurement beam strongly converging or diverging is now possible.

- A total insensitivity to vibration: Since the reconstruction of the wavefront requires only a single acquisition, this operation is insensitive to vibration

- The spatial and temporal coherence are not necessarily very high

- The measurement accuracy is extremely high

- The measurement is absolute: It is not necessary to have a reference beam.

All analyzers wavefront come with software that allows to represent the wavefront and to conduct a thorough study.

The OPTOCRAFT company also offers two benches analysis wavefront: one is manual, the other is automated.

Bench manual analysis of wavefront: SHSInspect
Bench Automatic analysis of wavefront: SHSAutolab

Online documentation:

Download the complete brochure of Optocraft

Download the brochure analyzer wavefront SHSLab

Download the brochure bench manual analysis of wavefront SHSInspect

Download the brochure bench automatic analysis of wavefront SHSAutoLab

If you would like more information, please contatc us.

Link to the website of the company OPTOCRAFT


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