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Positioning of optical beam: The range SpotOn


We offer through our product line SpotOn a wide range of systems for measuring optical beam position. It is a family of solutions that can be used in many industrial applications and laboratory. It is one of the main applications of measurement:
  • The measurement of laser power, centering
  • The beam alignment and quality control of optical systems
  • The measurement of displacement and rotation of a target
  • The display of vibration, deflection and displacement


The benefits range Spoton:

  • This is a quick and easy way to control the laser beams in real time at an affordable price
  • It turns your computer into an instrument for measuring extremely powerful
The measurement position of an optical beam can be achieved using sensors such as CCD camera or a sensor DSP. These detectors can be offered in a wide range of wavelength of the far-UV to near infrared. In addition, each sensor can be equipped with a filter to increase performance. The electronic instrument that allows an interface to a computer by connecting the card either PCI or PCMCIA, or through a connection to the USB 2.0

The standard user interface program SpotOn includes a digital display and graph of the position, power, long-term fluctuation and a communication protocol via RS232.

Several types of detectors available in several sizes are available to measure the centroid position of the beam incident on the detector surface:

  • CCD detector
  • 4-quadrant detector
  • Lateral effect detector two axes
The instrument SpotOn includes:
  • PSD detector (side-effect, 4 quadrants or CCD)
  • A capture card plugging into the PCI bus or PCMCIA. A version of SpotOn can be plugged directly into a USB
  • A software package running under Windows

Main Features:

  • Accurate : The accuracy is 1Ám, the resolution is less than one micron
  • Versatile:
    • Measure both the position and power
    • Two types of capture cards are available
    • A wide range of types and sizes of detectors is proposed
  • Easy to use: Simple installation, easy-to take charge
  • Simple interface with other programs such as Excel or Labview
An industrial solution  

In order to provide our customers a solution for measuring position and power of the laser beam does not require computer Duma Optronics has developed a version of "stand-alone with a power supply and display results . This case is easy to use and very well suited for industrial environments where vibration and shock are too important for a PC-type business. It also allows the recording of data and includes a link RS232 to transfer data to another PC.

An analog version is also available

This version allows you to measure quickly and precisely the position of a light beam. The main applications are:

  • Measurement of displacement laser beam in real time with a bandwidth of 30kHz (for a detector 9mmX9mm) or 60kHz (for a detector 4mmX4mm)
  • Characterization of rapidly oscillating mirrors
  • Display vibrations and deflections
  • Perfect for applications in closed loops

If you would like more information, please contact us.


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